This series of dry core series reactors are used in low voltage reactive power compensation cabinets and are connected in series with capacitors. When there are a large number of harmonic sources such as rectification and converter devices in the low voltage power grid, the higher harmonics generated will seriously endanger the safe operation of the main transformer and other electrical equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to install a series reactor at the front end of the capacitor. After the reactor is connected in series with the capacitor, it can effectively suppress and absorb harmonics, improve the voltage waveform of the system, increase the power factor of the system, effectively reduce switching inrush current and operating overvoltage, ensure the safe operation of the capacitor and prolong the service life of the capacitor.
Ii. structural characteristics
1. The reactor is divided into three-phase and single-phase reactors, both of which are core dry type.
2. The iron core is made of high-quality cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, punched and sheared by high-speed punching machine, with small burrs, uniform rules and neat and graceful lamination, ensuring low temperature rise and low noise of reactor operation.
3. The coil is wound with H - grade or C - grade enamelled flat copper wire, closely and evenly arranged, without any insulation layer on the outside, and has excellent aesthetic feeling and good heat dissipation performance.
4. In the process of reactor assembly, all clamps are treated with anti - corrosion, the key clamps are made of non-magnetic material, and the process flow of pre - baking, vacuum dipping, hot baking and solidification firmly combines the coil and iron core of the reactor, not only greatly reducing the noise during operation, but also having a very high heat resistance level, which can ensure the reactor to operate safely and without noise at high temperature. and has good filtering effect.
5. Exposed parts have been treated with anti - corrosion, and the lead-out terminals are cold-pressed copper pipe terminals.
6. Compared with similar domestic products, the reactor has the advantages of small size, light weight and beautiful appearance, which can be comparable to foreign famous brands.