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    Use of parallel and series reactors

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    Use of parallel and series reactors
    The main function of the series reactor is to restrain the higher harmonics and limit the inrush current, prevent the harmonics from harming the capacitor, and avoid the excessive amplification and resonance of the grid harmonics caused by the connection of the capacitor device.
    shunt reactor
    Generally, it is connected between the end of ultra-high voltage transmission line and ground and plays a role of reactive power compensation. A reactor connected in parallel to the power grid and used to compensate for capacitive current.
    The reactor for full load test of generator is a prototype of parallel reactor. Due to the attractive force of alternating magnetic field between segmented core cakes, the noise of core reactors is generally about 10dB higher than that of transformers with the same capacity.
    The reactors in 220 kV, 110 kV, 35 kV and 10 kV power grids are used to absorb the charging capacitive reactive power of cable lines. The operating voltage can be adjusted by adjusting the number of shunt reactors. The ultra-high voltage shunt reactor has many functions to improve the reactive power of the power system, including:
    First, the reactive power in the line is balanced locally as much as possible when the load is light, preventing the unreasonable flow of reactive power and reducing the power loss on the line.
    Second, improve the voltage distribution on long transmission lines.
    Third, reduce the steady voltage of the power frequency on the high-voltage bus when the large units are juxtaposed with the system, so as to facilitate the simultaneous juxtaposition of generators.
    Four, to prevent the generator with long lines may appear the phenomenon of self-excitation resonance.
    Five, when using reactor neutral point through the small reactance grounding device, can also use small reactor compensation line phase-to-phase and phase-to-ground capacitance, in order to accelerate the automatic extinction of the latent power supply flow, easy to use. ‍
    Six, light no-load or light load line capacitance effect, in order to reduce power frequency transient overvoltage.
    The Role of Shunt Reactors
    For ultra-high voltage long-distance transmission lines, the charging power of the line capacitance is very large when no load or light load is applied. Generally, the charging power increases sharply with the level of voltage. Besides the above phenomenon of power frequency voltage increase, the huge charging power will also increase the power and power loss of the line and cause self-excitation and difficulties in the same period. Installation of shunt reactors can compensate for this part of the charging power.
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